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We can provide you with a huge variety of vehicles, busses and coaches. With our own fleet of state of the art busses with the latest equipment we can provide you a relaxed and safe bus travel with us through, to or in Switzerland. Wash-rooms, DVD-players, air-conditioning or a kitchen are taken for granted when you travel with us. Our well trained and English speaking travel professionals are available for you via phone, mail or inquiry form. Our portfolio contains a lot of bus travel services like full incoming services, guided city tours, bus round trips and many more. Feel free to get in touch with our bus travel professional to get information about your journey in the beautiful landscapes in Switzerland.

Bus Reservation Switzerland

Switzerland is known for its fabulous chocolate and its unique handcrafted watches. In our trips to Switzerland with our bus reservation, we visit several sights including one of the outstanding factories of the famous national products. We target also the Suisse cities like Bern, Z├╝rich and Geneva. You can watch the panorama of the Alps while driving through the unique landscapes through our huge panoramic windows in our state of the art busses. Get information about our bus reservation service in Switzerland, Austria and Germany on our homepage or call our company hotline. Our colleagues of our bus reservation company are willing to help you and can speak several different languages.

Bus Hire Switzerland

Our travel portfolio includes many destinations in Switzerland which you can reach with our bus hire service. With bus depots all over Switzerland we can offer you short access routes to your target area or city and exceptional service from our staff members and our drivers. Our bus hire tours vary from year to year and change. So stay up to date about our bus hire service in Switzerland.

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